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Monday, April 11, 2016

Airport Security

One of the most important issues facing by the Airport in the early 21st century is the Airport Security. if we see the recent scenario it is going much better . most users of commercial service Airports are subjected to security infrastructure , policies and procedure with the terminal area.the security of an Airport is not limited to terminal but it covers all the areas.
Security procedure are designed to prevent and respond to criminal act that may effect the passenger and the people working in the Airport.Criminal activity include hijacking of Aircraft which is known also known Air piracy , damaging and destroying Aircrafts and the other acts of terrorism . criminal act also includes theft , act of assault and damaging all Airport facilities
In early days of civil aviation , when greatest concern was the safety of flight , there was little concern about Airport security .Many hijacking took place,  many people died and many criminal were reported. Aviation security first become an issue in 1930 because Peruvian revolutionaries seized a pan American mail plane with the aim of dropping propaganda leaflets over lima.between 1930 to 1958 a total of 23 hijacking were reported  mostly commited by eastern European seeking political asylum  . As the first Aircraft hijacking took place in 1947 when Aircrew member died
The  act of criminal violence against a U.S  Air carrier occurred on November 1 , 1995 , when  a civillian by name jack Graham placed a bomb in luggage belonging to his mother .The bomb exploded in flight and killed number of passenger. So after seeing this demand for luggage inspection at Airports serving Air carrier Aircraft surfaced.
 With rise of fidel castro cuba  in 1959 , increased Aircraft hijacking . In may 1961 the federal government began using armed guards on select Air carrier Aircraft to prevent hijackings
As hijacking were taking place regularly so The federal aviation administration created a task force on the deterrence of Air piracy. The task force developed a hijacker profile that could be used along with metal detector (MAGNETOMETER) In screening passengers
On September 11, 1970 President Richard Nixon announced a comprehensive antihijacking program that included a federal Air marshal program
 Between 1968 and 1972 , hijacking of U.S and international Aircraft was at its peak, the U.S department of transportation recorded 363 hijackings worldwide. As a result security issues become the most important concern as the passenger was not safe and many other issues arises.
 So on march 18, 1972 , the first Airport security regulation were made effective, later formalized within the FAA.
 After some time Airport security plan introduced which cause a great impact on the security development.
 After that president George bush  established the president 's commission on aviation security and terrorism to review and evaluate policy options in connection with aviation security
 After that faa sponsored research on new equipments to detect bomb and wepons and made tremendous improvement on Airport as well as aviation security.


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Ayushi Upadhyay 
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Airport Design Standards

BEHIND THE SCENES: Airport are the amazing small cities providing all sort of services to all sort of people and companies.It also provide services to Airlines , private Pilot and freight carriers. In today's world Airports are playing a major role in every ways . 
EARLY AirPORTS: Since the earliest days of Flying  Airport complexity and scale have increased. Before world war 2 landing and take off distance was at 600m. Total Airport rarely exceeded to 500 Acres
AIRPORTS  TODAY: Majority of the Airports in the world are still relatively simple facilities

1) Unpaved Runways
2) Small Terminal / Administration Building
3) Rudimentary control towers 
Such Airports deal with light Aircraft. They are characterized by low Aviation Operation activities

These are complex structure which can handle more than 10 million passengers per year. Served by large Air transport Aircrafts, B747, A 380 etc. located in the main centers of the population. Have extensive ground and support facilities such as: Runways, taxiways, fire fighting etc
In designing an Airport terminal , the factor considered are

1) Passenger volume
2) Types of passenger
Passenger classification

1) business or leisure
2) schedule or charter
3)originating or destined
4) transfer or transit
 The passenger terminal building is the major connection between  Airport access and the Aircraft. The design of the terminal building determines the Airport managements efficiency and capability
Passenger terminal handling system has three main process
1) Access interface
2) Passenger processing
3) Flight interface
Passenger terminal design concepts are
1)Centralized: all passenger processing facilities are housed on one building
2)Decentralized: all passenger processing facilities are housed on one or more building
The next important thing in designing an Airport is the :

A well design Airport drainage system is most important as
1) Operational safety
2) Efficiency
3) Pavement durability
Inadequate drainage facilities may result in:

1) costly damage due to flooding
3) Serious hazards to Air traffic
Due to environmental concern Airport are require to provide proper sewerage systems, treat all runoff discharges and etc.So designing an Airport should be in a very proper systematic order to get an efficient output.


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Ayushi Upadhyay   [BBA Aviation]
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